The Easiest Way To Know Exactly What Your Security Officers Are Doing

Security guard software that includes real-time electronic reporting, GPS based tour tracking, and security guard scheduling all in one place

How does the security guard software help you?


We make sure reports are delivered to your clients on time. Our electronic reporting software gives you and your clients access to paperless reports whenever and wherever you need them. You can even review reports before your clients see them.


We give you access to view officer patrol activity in real-time. Our guard tour tracking software with GPS technology gives you real-time access to view officer patrol activity. This helps to ensure that officers are on site, alert, checking all posts and completing their tours. Better yet the software will send you an alert if your officers are not.


We GPS verify that officers are on site when they clock in for their shift. Our time and attendance software alerts you if your officers aren’t clocking in and out of shifts on time.Time and attendance also helps make scheduling, payroll, and invoicing easier.

Our customers trust to help ensure the best customer service and officer performance. We proudly manage over 2.6 million security records.

Here’s what a few of our customers are saying:


Melvin M.

“We use because it serves our needs, it’s user friendly and cost effective.”


Kelly B.

“When I first started managing the security department, I found a lot of holes in the documentation process. gives us an affordable way to document everything and access the information quickly from one place.”


Jay A.

“ has been a great sales tool. It differentiates your company from others.”


Steve B.

“Our clients wanted us to upgrade our system to renew a contract. We wanted to improve and get more into technology. That’s why we use”


Rocco F.

“ has been the biggest improvement yet for billing. It’s cleaner and easier than paper and my guards can’t clock in from home.”


Andrew P.

“We use to keep up with large companies. It’s easy to use, electronic, has instant access and it levels the playing field.”


Charlie H.

“Communication is the key to success. We use the software to communicate information with our customers as soon as possible, as often as possible.”


Johnny P.

“My clients love because they know they can trust it.”


James K.

“By scanning QR codes, clients get confirmation that someone was on site and that the posts were examined properly.”