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OfficerReports.com combines electronic reporting, real-time security guard tour tracking,
and time and attendance into one easy to use software platform.
And the best part is, it’s all paperless!


Security Guard Tour Tracking Software

Use the Security Guard Tour Tracking Software to ensure that your security officers are awake, alert, and completing their tours. If officers are not completing tours, the software will send you an email alert to notify you. You can also generate reports to show exactly when, where, and what your officers inspected on patrols.

Electronic Reporting Software

Use the Electronic Reporting Software to create and submit reports from mobile devices or desktop computers. Access these reports at any time, from anywhere you need them. Now your officers can be mobile and always connected.

Time and Attendance Software

Use the Time and Attendance Software to quickly create schedules online that your security officers can check from anywhere. Officers also use the app to clock in and out, so no more hassle with client billing or employee payroll. And if your officers don’t clock in or out, the software will send you an email alert for that too.

That’s OfficerReports.com.
Keeping seamless communication between you, your security officers and your clients 24/7.
It’s like magic for your security guard company!

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