Visitor Log

The Visitor Log Software feature allows your officers to capture visitor information via any computer and/or mobile device and store it in the cloud for easy access.

Easy and Effective Visitor Registration

Paper sign in sheets are unprofessional and lack privacy. Additionally, paper sign in sheets are often discarded or filed away leaving the information contained on them difficult to review. By using the Visitor Log Software feature, your visitor registration can be input via any mobile device and stored in the cloud for easy access and review.

The Visitor Log Software feature:

  • Does not require you to download software
  • Maintains visitor privacy
  • Makes the information in the reports searchable
  • Helps keep your clients happy
  • Is part of the Security Guard Reporting App
  • Eliminates the need to store print and store paper sign in sheets
  • Gives your clients instant access to an "On-premises" list

The Visitor Log Software feature is the ideal solution for security officers that are responsible for logging and tracking visitors at their facility.

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