Truck Log

If your officers are responsible for checking-in trucks at your client’s site, now you can WOW your clients by eliminating the paper and making their logs digital.

  • Use the Truck Log to check trucks in and out via any mobile device or computer and include additional notes and pictures as necessary.
  • By using the Truck Log Feature all the information that your officers collect is captured without paper.
  • Your clients get instant access to the Truck Log so there is no need to fax paper reports. Now your clients will know exactly what trucks have been checked in without having to ask your officers.
  • When trucks leave, the officer can collect new information about the outbound trailer and capture new photos via the Truck Log.
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Benefits of the Truck Log

  • Price Friendly
  • Works on Android, iPhone & Computers
  • No Contract
  • No more faxing reports
  • No Software to download
  • Make reports available online