Pass On Log's Pass On Log is the easiest way for your security officers to pass information from officer to officer and shift to shift.

The Easy Way To Pass Information

Whether you call it a "Pass On Log" or a "Pass Down Log" we give your officers the ability to pass on vital information about their shift. Whether it is about a suspicious character or some information that was given by your client the information is easily accessible by all officers.

  • The Pass On Log feature ensures that each officer is kept abreast of the happenings at the site.
  • The Pass On Log feature allows you and your supervisors to see which officers have read the message.
  • You and your supervisors can use the Pass On Log to communicate with the officers at the site without having to be on site.
  • Your supervisors can use the Pass On Log feature to provide links to websites to help ensure that your officers are kept in the know about pertinent news and information.
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