Incident Checklist

Use the Incident Checklist feature to help ensure that your security officers are properly responding to incidents.

Ensures Officers Respond Appropriately

The Incident Checklist is a customizable 5-step procedure that you specify ahead of time for your officers when they are responding to incidents. The Incident Checklist eliminates the need for your officers to have to dig through their post orders to ensure that they are following proper procedure.

The Incident Checklist feature

  • Ensures that the officers are responding correctly
  • Does not require you to download software
  • Is easily customizable
  • Is part of the Security Guard Reporting App
  • Helps keep your clients happy
  • Helps the officer K.I.S.S.
  • Eliminates the need for your officers to have to refer to their post orders
  • Allows you to design a customized checklist for each of your customers.

This is the same concept that is in use by first responders nationwide.

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