Security Guard Management Software is the all-in-one tool to help ensure the best officer performance, to provide quality customer service, and to win new business. Our full suite of security guard management software includes Electronic Reporting Software, Guard Tour Tracking Software, and Time and Attendance Software. We even offer cost effective mobile devices and data plans to bring you the complete security guard management software and hardware package.

Now Your Officers Can Be Mobile but Always Connected.
Go paperless with our Security Guard Reporting Software. Officers have access to a full suite of reports from their mobile device, including Daily Activity Reports, Incident Reports, and Maintenance Requests. You and your clients have instant access to reports whenever and wherever you need them. Learn more about
Electronic Reporting Software.
A Must Have for Any Security Guard Company.
Help prevent costly losses and accidents by using the Guard Tour Tracking Software to ensure that officers are completing patrols. You can view the officers’ patrols in real-time, without ever leaving your office. You can also generate reports to see exactly when, where and what your officers have, or have not, inspected on patrol. Learn more about Guard Tour Tracking Software.
Save Time Managing Officer Schedules and Client Billing.
This cost effective and time efficient scheduling software is easy to use and sets up in just minutes. Your officers can check their schedules, request time off and even clock in and out of shifts right from their mobile device. The software also helps you to easily and quickly verify customer billing and officer payroll. Learn more about Time and Attendance Software.
A Simple Software and Hardware Solution Delivered Straight to You.
The Technology Bundle provides you with specially priced data plans and reliable smart devices, including mobile phones and tablets. The devices are shipped straight to your door with our mobile app pre-installed and ready to use. It’s everything your officers need to complete a successful patrol. Learn more about The Technology Bundle.