A Must Have For Any Security Guard Company

Guard tour tracking software helps monitor the time and activity of your security guards while they are performing patrols at their sites.

Guarantee Complete Patrols
The Guard Tour Tracking Software helps security guard companies prevent costly losses from vandalism, theft, and avoidable accidents by ensuring that the guards are doing complete patrols.
View Guard Patrols In Real Time
The Guard Tour Tracking App uses GPS & QR Code technology to help you see your guards patrol in real-time. You can also generate reports that show exactly when , where, and what your guards inspected while on patrol.
Included in Reporting Software
For a limited time the Guard Tour Tracking Software is being offered as a free add-on to anyone signing up for our Security Guard Reporting Software. Now you can see your guard's patrols and reports all in the same place.

Guard Tour Tracking Exception Report

Knowing where your security guards are and what they are doing helps ensure that they are providing your customers with high quality service. By using the Guard Tour Tracking Software you can see exactly what your guards are doing.

But the software also provides you with a tour exception report that shows you, more importantly, what the guards haven't done.