"It's everything and then some. Not only is it a great business tool, but we can sell ourselves over other companies by offering these features at no additional charge to our client or we can justify a higher bid. We are regularly pointing out maintenance issues to our customers that are related to safety or things that draw criminal activity. OfficerReports.com also allows us to filter thru reports to find people who have violated _____ rules which aids our clients in evictions. More importantly we are able to show what the most common problems are they are dealing with. I just wanted an online log. So it's much more than I hoped for." - Scott C. …Customer support has been nothing less than outstanding." - Don S. "OfficerReports.com has been an instrumental tool for not only my company, but for our clientele as well. I have received very favorable comments from our employees on its ease and speed of use. Our clients love the instant documentation it provides. Additionally, response to any minor issues in the system use has been swift, professional and immediately resolved. I would personally recommend OfficerReports.com to anyone." - Tom B. "Ongoing research and innovation is required to stay ahead of the market and clients now require information as it happens supported with trend analysis to allocate resources in a more efficient manner. OfficerReports has enabled us to drive a point of difference in the market place and is a significant factor in our recent tender successes." - Tim L. "I love the program and my clients will be doing lots of business" - Alfonso D. "…thank you for the service. I can't begin to tell you how invaluable it has been." - Paul S.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide our customers with easy to use tools that seamlessly bridge the gaps in communication between their security officers and their clients.

What Makes Us Different

We build applications that are user friendly. Unlike other companies who build complex systems that require hours of retraining Security Officers, OfficerReports.com is designed to be used by even the most technology challenged Security Officers. EASY TO USE!


We Love Doing What We Do

After spending almost 10 years as owners of a Security Guard Vendor, we built the platform that we would have loved to use. We love what we do and the clients that we help, so if you are ever in need of assistance with our applications (which we doubt) we work extra hard at getting you the answers you need. We are here for you!

Leadership Team

Courtney W.Sparkman

Courtney W. Sparkman is the founder and CEO of OfficerReports.com. Courtney started OfficerReports.com as the result of lessons learned from over 15 years of experience in operations, business development, and account management across several industries.

Just prior to starting OfficerReports.com, Courtney served as Director of Business Development for Diamond Detective Services. As Director Courtney was responsible for actively identifying private and public prospects, both locally and nationally, through multiple sales methods including cold calling, client presentations, and bidding websites.

Prior to joining Diamond, Courtney served as the Vice President of Operations and Sales at Cequr Security for 7 years, a security guard vendor started by he and his father. During his time with Cequr, Courtney was directly responsible for identifying and acquiring new clients as well as ensuring their onging satisfaction. In this role, he was also an integral part of establishing Cequr's security guard training standards and quality assurance initiatives.

Courtney currently holds a private security contractor license in Illinois which is awarded to security professionals who have passed a rigorous state mandated background check and licensing exam. Courtney also has a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign and is a candidate for a Master of Science in Emergency Management from the University of Chicago.

Victor D. Scott

Victor Scott is Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer(CTO) for OfficerReport.com. Victor has over twenty years of experience as a Software Developer. Victor's experience across multiple technologies ensures that OfficerReports.com will always provide its customers with the most robust solutions.

Prior to joining OfficerReports.com, Victor spent most of his career building software solutions for many major corporations. During this time he also founded VST Inc., a computer consulting company under which several web applications and other projects were designed, coded, and launched. His expertise covers the full software development life cycle. The technologies he specializes in include web and mobile application development, database design, SQL Server, C#, Java, ASP.Net MVC, and JavaScript to name just a few.

Victor has a Math and Computer Science degree from Delaware State University. Being a technology enthusiast, he continues his education by learning cutting edge technology.